FCRE’s educational goals are to acquaint the general public, cancer patients, and healthcare professionals with recent advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.  Underlying everything we do is an understanding that incorporating the Quad of a Mediterranean Heart Healthy Diet, a daily exercise program, daily meditative practice, and a sound medical treatment program will improve the quality of life and outcomes for cancer patients everywhere.

Through lectures given by its staff and through its published educational materials, FCRE teaches patients, their family members, the general public, and health care providers how to minimize the often-debilitating side effects associated with cancer treatment, and how to prevent prostate cancer.  Patients learn to take control of their disease – in effect, becoming their own health care advocates, while the general public learns which lifestyle and dietary habits they can adopt now to avoid a cancer diagnosis.

FCRE has conducted many seminars and conferences for patients and their families.  Recognizing that many do not have the financial resources to travel, we are concentrating on the internet (text and video) and providing written materials.

FCRE’s educational materials include:

Prevent Prostate Cancer.pdf
You Have Prostate Cancer Now What.pdf
PSA Results What They Mean.pdf
Living Smarter Healthy Fats for Prostate Cancer.pdf
What Is Prostate Cancer.pdf

If you'd like to order free printed copies of our brochures, please contact our office at 434-220-4539 or email us at