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    Our mission is to decrease the death rate from cancer while enhancing patient quality of life.

    FCRE envisions a future in which deaths from prostate cancer are greatly reduced among all populations.

About FCRE

FCRE was founded in 2002 by Charles E. “Snuffy” Myers, MD, a noted prostate cancer oncologist, scientist, and author, and his wife, Rose Sgarlat Myers, PT, PhD. Dr. Snuffy Myers began his focus on prostate cancer in 1989 after spending many years developing agents for cancer and HIV treatments at the National Cancer Institute.

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FCRE’s educational goals are to acquaint the general public, cancer patients, and healthcare professionals with recent advances in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.  Underlying everything we do is an understanding that incorporating the Quad of a Mediterranean Heart Healthy Diet, a daily exercise program, daily meditative practice, and a sound medical treatment program will improve the quality of life and outcomes for cancer patients everywhere.

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In 2006, we began to fund explorations into different approaches of diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. Our researchers collaborated with outside investigators to characterize the molecular profile of a man’s particular cancer and selected treatments based on those results. We published the first two examples of this approach.  One of the most interesting results is that they found that drugs approved for other types of cancers also are active against prostate cancer. Many of our patients responded favorably to these drugs.

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